ResMed revamps operating model with C-suite shuffle, bids farewell to COO and CTO

ResMed revamps operating model with C-suite shuffle, bids farewell to COO and CTO

ResMed is on a mission to cement the lead it’s built while competitor Philips has been out of the CPAP machine-making game. That process of building out its market share for the long-term has recently seen ResMed embark on a restructuring effort that includes significant staffing changes—first with a swath of layoffs and now, with several new executive appointments.

The C-suite makeover is aimed at emphasizing ResMed’s focus on product development, profitable growth and strengthened branding, according to a company announcement. Now joining the executive leadership team—which already includes commercial, financial, legal, people and strategy chiefs—are product, revenue and marketing officers, all promoted from within and all of which have already taken effect.

The new appointments make good on CEO Mick Farrell’s hints during a late October investor call, when he was asked about plans for further restructuring following the 5% global workforce reduction.

“There are some changes I’m looking at in the operating model, in roles and responsibilities, and a focus on a more product-led and brand-led company that will come over time, but they’re not massive restructures,” he said at the time.

Stepping into the chief product officer role is Justin Leong, who has been at ResMed for just over a decade, most recently as president of its Asia and Latin America businesses. With the addition of that role to the executive team, ResMed is phasing out its chief technology officer position and placing the digital health technology product team under Leong; former CTO Urvashi Tyagi is now serving as a special advisor to Leong through the end of this year and will stay on in a consulting role through 2024.

ResMed’s new chief marketing officer, meanwhile, is Katrin Pucknat, who also boasts more than a decade of experience at the company. Since 2020, she’s been president of the devicemaker’s presence in Germany.

Completing the trifecta of promotions is Mike Fliss, who’s been with ResMed for more than 20 years and is its newly named chief revenue officer. His most recent stint at the company was as vice president of North American sales.

In another high-level switch-up as part of its new operating model, ResMed has also shifted Lucile Blaise, formerly the president of sleep and respiratory care, to a new position as senior VP of strategy and business development. She’ll now report to Hemanth Reddy, ResMed’s chief strategy officer.

Finally, ResMed also announced that Rob Douglas, who’s served as chief operating officer since 2011 and tacked on the president title in 2013, will step down to retire on Jan. 1. Between now and then, he’s moving to a new role as special advisor to the CEO and, like Tyagi, will stay on as a consultant through the end of 2024. ResMed didn’t announce a replacement COO.

“I would like to thank Rob immensely for his more than two decades of dedication to ResMed, our company, our culture, our team, and our mission,” Farrell said in the announcement. “I wish Rob all the best in his retirement from ResMed, as well as the next phase of his life journey.”

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