In conversation with Philips CMO Alexandra Gonçalves on cardiac imaging

This year’s annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, set in Barcelona, Spain, carried a special spotlight on the growing power of cardiac imaging. Handheld ultrasounds, CT and MRI scans are offering new ways to see the heart’s inner workings. They are helping change the way clinicians track down cardiovascular disease and ultimately treat patients—whether they’re in the same room or not.

BMS, J&J’s secondary stroke med falls short in phase 2, but companies see enough potential to push forward

A groundswell of interest in Bristol Myers Squibb’s anticoagulant milvexian to prevent secondary stroke has been building ever since the drug turned heads in late 2021 based on promising data in blood clots. Now, an interim analysis of the phase 2 trial is finally seeing the light of day, but it’s more of a mixed bag this time around.

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