Abingworth, Gimv and Pfizer back stealthy Swiss startup’s $61M round to crack gene therapy delivery

In 2017, Joël de Beer dropped out of his Ph.D. program and began trying to build a leading genetic medicines company from a site the size of a parking space. After working quietly for several years to realize the vision, de Beer’s Anjarium Biosciences has now broken cover with 55.5 million Swiss francs ($61 million) from top-tier investors including Abingworth, Gimv and Pfizer Ventures.

Newly discovered immune cells block melanoma metastasis in mice and could inspire new treatments

The lymph nodes are an important gateway in the formation of metastatic cancer, as they take in cancer cells and then spew them out into the body, where they can form new tumors in distant tissues. Now, scientists led by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center have discovered T cells in the lymph nodes that have the power to kill melanoma cells before they can spread—a potential new target for therapeutic development.

Roche partners with Temedica to launch ‘digital companion’ app for multiple sclerosis

The Brisa app will collect daily health data like activity, sleep and dietary habits and give users a place to track their day-to-day MS symptoms. After analyzing that information, the “digital companion” will be able to pinpoint potential areas of improvement and suggest lifestyle changes that might help users better manage the condition in tandem with their existing treatment plans.

Attacking Alzheimer’s by blocking ‘frustrated’ amyloid proteins before they form plaques

Before amyloid beta peptides can form the brain plaques that have been implicated in Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders, they have to bind to “fibrils,” protein aggregates that grow over time. But sometimes misaligned chemical forces prevent the peptides from locking onto fibrils—a failure that researchers now say could inspire new treatments.

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