Hepatitis B drug developers chart slow progress forward, just like hep C before it

Lawrence Blatt, Ph.D., CEO of Aligos Therapeutics, knows a thing or two about the slow drip of progress that has defined treating viral liver infections. He was “thrilled” back in the mid-90s when a drug he co-invented at Amgen, Infergen, notched a 10% response rate in patients with hepatitis C. In 1998, ribavirin was approved as a first-line treatment, which, when combined with interferon, roughly tripled response rates.

Ipsen, eyeing approval, reveals mixed liver disease data on challenger to Intercept and CymaBay

Ipsen and Genfit have shown off the data they believe can finally secure approval of their liver disease candidate elafibranor. The publication puts meat on the bones of an earlier data drop, providing a closer look at how the therapy holds up against Intercept Pharmaceuticals’ Ocaliva and CymaBay Therapeutics’ own challenger.

England’s NICE recommends hybrid closed-loop systems for Type 1 diabetes, prompting praise from Medtronic, Dexcom

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), England’s cost-effectiveness watchdog, has finalized a draft guidance regarding hybrid closed-loop systems, concluding that the technology should be made broadly affordable and accessible to help people with Type 1 diabetes better manage the condition.

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