If These 12 Cryptos Were Equities, You Would Be Rich In 60 Seconds

Buy all the tokens. Liquidate the assets. Hey Presto! You just made a ton of cash! But no.

Suppose you worked for a new startup which seeks to launch a promising but little-understood technology. Suppose further that, after several rounds of funding, financial experts assessed your company’s accounts and discovered that the product isn’t worth the cost of making it.

MoviePass Rival Offers Unlimited Movie-Going at Theaters

NEW YORK — A Turkish startup is offering a movie a day in theaters for $30 a month.

It’s three times what MoviePass (HMNY[NSC] – $0.0155 Trade ) had charged for a similar plan. But that was financially unsustainable, as it typically had to pay theaters the full ticket price. MoviePass now offers just three movies for $10 a month and limits which titles can be watched on any given day.

U.S. Equities: Stage Is Set For A Cyclical Correction


  • US equities are most likely in very late stage of a bull market.
  • Europe and some Asian markets probably peaked during the past few months.
  • Technical analysis suggests that US equities are near the end of a cyclical trend.
  • The bearish worldwide macro-technical picture could signal a peak for US equities within the next few months.

A Bull Market For The History Books

US equities performed a record bull run from the end of the great recession up until now. The broad-based S&P 500 index gained almost 340%. It is the longest bull run in US history. It did not unfold as a straight line and showed some twists and turns. The S&P 500 corrected on six occasions by a low double-digit figure since 2010. The subsequent rallies erased all corrections leading to today’s levels.

Equities boom extended by recent U.S. tax cuts

The current growth cycle in equities has been “elongated” by the U.S. tax cuts that went into effect earlier this year, said Robert P. Browne, chief investment officer of Northern Trust Corp., Chicago.

“You can’t ignore … whether there’ll be a recession in the next five years,” said Mr. Browne, who co-authored a five-year capital markets analysis the bank released Sept. 3, which is available on Northern Trust’s website.

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